Provinces of South Africa

South Africa is divided into nine provinces.

Each of the provinces of South Africa has its own legislature, premier and executive council.

The nine provinces were formed in 1994 and are all divided into districts consisting of either metropolitan or district municipalities as you will see on the map of the South African provinces below.

Map of South Africa Provinces

Pretoria in Gauteng, marked with a red square on this map, is usually referred to as the capital city of South Africa.

The country, however, has in fact three capitals: The administrative capital is Pretoria in Gauteng, the legislative capital is Cape Town in the Western Cape and Bloemfontein in the Free State is the judicial capital.

The nine provinces of South Africa are listed below with data regarding to area share and population share of the country. Also the provincial capitals and population figures are listed. If you click on the underlined province's name, you will find more info about the province as well. 

The Nine Provinces: Quick Facts


  • Capital: Johannesburg
  • Area Share: 1.4%
  • Population: 12.3 million
  • Population Share: 23.7%


  • Capital: Mbombela
  • Area Share: 6.3%
  • Population: 4.0 million
  • Population Share: 7.8%


  • Capital: Pietermaritzburg
  • Area Share: 7.7.%
  • Population: 10.3 million
  • Population Share: 19.8%

North West

  • Capital: Mahikeng
  • Area Share: 8.7%
  • Population: 3.5 million
  • Population Share: 6.8%


  • Capital: Polokwane
  • Area Share: 10.3%
  • Population: 5.4 million
  • Population Share: 10.4%

Western Cape

  • Capital: Cape Town
  • Area Share: 10.6%
  • Population: 5.8 million
  • Population Share: 11.2%

Free State

  • Capital: Bloemfontein
  • Area Share: 10.6%
  • Population: 2.7 million
  • Population Share: 5.3%

Eastern Cape

  • Capital: Bhisho
  • Area Share: 13.8%
  • Population: 6.6 million
  • Population Share: 12.7%

Northern Cape

  • Capital: Kimberley
  • Area Share: 30.5%
  • Population: 1.1. million
  • Population Share: 2.2%

Provinces of South Africa

In the 'Living in South Africa' book you will find comprehensive information on each province. Below we will show you how our 'Provinces of South Africa' chapter is structured.

There are six pages per province containing the following information:

  • a general province overview 
  • a map of the province
  • our top five weekend breaks
  • a section 'Province at a Glance' 
  • a section 'Business Sectors'
  • a page on major towns and cities
  • a full page with useful resources and recommended reading

To the right, you can view an excerpt from the 'Living in South Africa' book. This is the first of the six pages on the Northern Cape province.

Sample page from 'Northern Cape'

Below you can view four page formats with information on some of the South African provinces.  We have included excerpts from the KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng, Western Cape and Eastern Cape provinces.

Excerpt from our 'KwaZulu-Natal' pages

KwaZulu-Natal is a diverse province showcasing stunning beaches, historic battlefields and majestic mountain ranges. Durban and Richards Bay are the two biggest metropolitan areas of KwaZulu-Natal. Here more than 70% of the province's GDP is produced. Many international manufacturers have production sites in the province, among them are

Read more in the book.

Excerpt from our 'Gauteng' South Africa pages

Gauteng, the smallest, yet most populated province of South Africa is situated on the highveld plateau. Gauteng is the economic powerhouse of the country and is considered the transport hub of southern Africa. It is also the financial and technology centre of the country. This province is home to many international companies and foreign missions and also has some highly acclaimed

Read more in the book.

Living in South Africa book: 'Western Cape'

The Western Cape is the oldest province in the country. Cape Town, at the foot of Table Mountain is often fondly referred to as the 'Mother City'. The province is comparable in size to England and consists of six districts. Cape Town is the World Design Capital 2014 and as South Africa's most popular city has award-winning beaches and many great tourist attractions such as the V&A Waterfront, Table Mountain and

Read more in the book.

Excerpt from the 'Eastern Cape' pages

South Africa's second largest province, the Eastern Cape, is a fast growing tourism destination. The province includes the former homelands of the Transkei and Ciskei. Home to the second largest ethnic group in South Africa, the Xhosa people, here the cultural traditions ware still practised alongside modern day life. Port Elizabeth, the province's major city, is also the fifth largest city of South Africa ...

Read more in our book....

Do you want to read more about these provinces of South Africa?

Are you interested in more in-depth, well-researched and up-to-date information?

Then order your copy of the Living in South Africa guidebook directly form us. Simply click on the button below and find relevant information how and where to buy the book.

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