About the Living in South Africa Guide Book

The LIVING IN SOUTH AFRICA guide book is a practical handbook containing a rich collection of facts and tips for moving to, working in and enjoying life in South Africa. The book is for all who want to embrace life in this beautiful country.

Living in South Africa
Guide Book Specifications

296 full colour pages

extensive graphics and photos

152mm x 222mm matt laminated softcover

ISBN: 9780620576567    Price: R265

Living in South Africa Guide Book: Contents

Basic Facts

The first chapter of the book with familiarise you with the basic facts about the country and its people. Here you will find information on South Africa's history and politics, the indigenous people, ethnic groups and immigrants as well as an overview of the country's flora, fauna and heritage sites as well as interesting facts on the South African climate.


A comprehensive chapter provides on overview of each of the nine South African provinces. All provinces are presented in the Living in South Africa guide book with a map and a provincial overview. Every province is described in detail and inform about the regions, main attractions and business sectors.  An economic profile, city portraits, weekend tips and various statistical data as well as a full page with resources for easy reference complete the picture.


In this chapter you will find lots of tips when planning a move and how to cope with culture shock when relocating from foreign shores. Information is given about the moving process, immigration requirements and import regulations for pets and vehicles. A comprehensive culture shock guide provides insights into the South African customs and cultures. Further you will learn about issues such as crime and safety, the quality and cost of living in the country and all about postal services, telecommunication and the daily press.

Day-to-Day Living

Essential information on housing, transport and healthcare is provided in this chapter. Here you will get an overview of the South African housing market, house hunting tips and information on what to consider when renting or buying a home. Also in this chapter, you will read about your transport options in South Africa, find car price comparisons and information about driving licenses and staying safe on the road. The 'Health' section tells you about South Africa's healthcare system,  private healthcare and where to go when you need help, medical support or special care.


This chapter comprises all the basics you should know about the South African economy. Money matters, insurance and investment options as well as all topics relating to doing business and working in the country are included here. Furthermore you will find in this chapter information on education and childcare options for families moving with children. Insights into the South African school system are given and requirements for taking up schooling or studies in the country are explained. Comprehensive resources are provided.


Here you will find information for exploring the country, being out and about and enjoying your leisure time. A variety of entertainment options are discussed as well as safari and beach tips are shared. In the 'Food' section, you will find a colourful guide about typical South African food and drinks with many interesting facts. Useful tips for eating out, shopping for groceries and preparing food are provided. 'Shopping from A to Z' contains an overview about products available in the country and is meant to give you an idea of what and where items can be sourced in South Africa.

Helpful Hints

Last but not least, you will find a collection of helpful hints in the annexure. Complete with listings of foreign missions, business organisations, schools and airlines as well as typical South African slang words, conversion charts and many more useful resources for settling into your new life in South Africa.

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Your book is fabulous. It will be of great benefit to any inbound expat to the country.
~ Alta McMaster, Global Mobility Manager, PwC

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